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Di's Summer Diary

A visual diary about showing what I worked on, where I went, and even what I ate during the summer of 2019.





Digital Design

Motion Graphics

Personal Project


Directed by: Di Fang

Producer: Caroline Lobo

Design: Di Fang

Animation: Di Fang, James Mabery

Sound:  Zing Audio


This project is a design challenge I got for my last month interning at Fern. The purpose of this video is to tell a visual story of my fantastic summer experience. As an art director, my goal is to design a daring and iconic visual experience to spike curiosity and to lead a new generation of young, digital-first viewers into the intensity of a modern designer's life.


Delivered a 30-second video to Fern Studio successfully at the end of my internship. Post on my design account on Instagram to build my identity as a professional designer and animator, and to increase the engagement of my design account.


The Script Writing & Storyboard Discovery

​At the moment of writing and rewriting the script, I needed to consider not only what I want to share, but also how I could care for the others who are involved in my project. The structure of the sentences or even each word can change the feeling and understanding of my audience. 

 Visual Language

Turning the carefully chosen keywords of the script to a digital format began with bold colorways and typefaces. Combining my daily photography and handwritings to support visual communication fulfilled both aesthetic and iconic representation.


Music is the first place to start the animatic. Finding the right song is time-consuming but cannot be avoided. The styleframes were created and revised multiple times during the animatic based on the content and the feedback from the client.