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Philadelphia Water

Two character-based animations exploring how to build Philadelphia citizens' concern for their water system.





Digital Design

Motion Graphics

Commercial Video


Client: City of Philadelphia
Directed by: Fern

Creative Direction: James Mabery
Executive Producer: Caroline Lobo
Illustration: Jieyu Deng, Di Fang
Animation: Axel Kinnear, Anastasiya

Gracheva, James Mabery, Di Fang
Sound: Zing Audio



The Philadelphia Water Department serves its customers with quality has been their commitment throughout our nearly 200-year history, whether providing safe water for residents to drink, supplying water for industries to manufacture goods, or protecting the region's water resources.

To entice the viewer to engage and to teach them more about how Philly's Water Dept cares, both the Visual & Animated treatments will join together to create a clear, clever, and stylistic message to the audience.


It's all about the details!

The art director cared for every element in each styleframe. During the design part, I learned how to view styleframes in details, all styleframes were revised multiple times based on the feedback from the art director and the client.

Story 1

Story 2

Consistency of Styleframes

The consistency of styleframes is important for short illustrative videos. Each styleframe must have continuous elements, whether color, line or shape connections.

Cel-animation for animals

This was the first time I did cel-animation for animals. I am starting familiar with Adobe Animate.

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