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Samsung Galaxy Fold

Make a better communication experience while using the Galaxy Fold of Samsung





Contextual Research 

Digital Design

UX/UI Design

My Roles

User Experience Research
UI Motion Design


Samsung had approached SCAD to sponsor collaboration to research the future of the smartphone. Our SCAD team explored the current pain points, what users will expect from technology and how they will make use of it in their daily lives when communicating with others. We designed and suggested user experience of how Samsung's new smartphone could become more meaningful and valuable to others.


For the final check-in with Samsung’s UX team, we delivered a new communication app with 6 new features. We also made a specific animation design for all the new features. We provided a 200-page report for Samsung's UX team. Our concepts were delivered to the Samsung design team for future product design considerations. 


Research & Affinitization

Secondary Research: We did the foldable phone market research and application testing. Primary Research: We broke into 6 different teams to conduct primary research. We conducted qualitative interviews as well as conducted many observational studies. We had over 130 participants.