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A Letter to My Grandpa

A visual letter to my grandpa showing how I miss him and what a young woman I’ve become because of him.





Digital Design

Motion Graphics

Personal Project


Design: Di Fang
Animation: Di Fang
Script: Di Fang
Voice Over: Di Fang


This project is an illustrative based personal project. Both the Visual & Animated treatments join together to create a warm, and stylistic message to the audience. The overall aesthetic of color, composition, and story is to entice the viewer to get the relationship between my grandpa and me, trying to evoke memories between the audience and their loved ones.


Featured by SCAD Instagram account.
Displayed at MOME final showcase.


The Script Writing & Storyboard Discovery

I started to write this letter by hand in Chinese, just like writing the real letter to my grandpa. And then, transfer the key moment into storyboards.

 Visual Language

Turning the keywords of the script to multiple illustrations began with warmful colors. Using my old photography with my grandpa to be the reference to support visual communication fulfilled with true emotions.